“There are two worlds, the one in which people are convinced they live, and the one that is considerably more dramatic, the one that is real”

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

No – But You Can See a Witch-Doctor

That the majority of South Africa’s Black politicians and business folk behave like unsupervised children in a chocolate factory doesn’t surprise any pragmatic development analysts[i] or even the new breed of young Americans like Sade Adebayo[ii]. There are few lights of success shining in SA, a position that is consistent with the destructive antics of SA’s powerful Black elite.  

If the level of anti-social behaviour[iii] in SA is not surprising, what is the problem?  

It’s their embarrassing selection of the targets, the amateurish application of theft techniques and the childish behaviour on being caught. And the quasi-private sector/government shenanigans are just a small part of it: ‘R296 billion – This is how much the South African government wasted in 5 years’ … My Broadband[iv] quoting recent findings of Auditor General Makwetu.

As much as South Africans owe Makwetu for his insights appreciate there is nothing difficult about auditing beyond doggedness: training and managing audit staff are easy. It isn’t as though they’ll have a moment of brilliance and solve South Africa’s looming water issues or stop the banks in their tracks. The gross mismanagement of public funds has to stop declared Makwetu but even with super-wealthy ‘Marikana’ Ramaphosa’s backing what can he do - who will perform for him, will things change tomorrow? No.

There have been mumbles about the shortage of (modern) medical doctors. Now go check the availability of competent mechanical, electrical, civil, computer, AI, chemical and pharma, mining, industrial, water and agricultural engineers.

Many of the few South Africa has are either retiring or leaving. When the quality of the leaders conducting the theft, corruption exercises and mad decisions are reviewed, why should they stay? There is no science or sustainability about the ANC-Big Business alliance. Even that’s not the main problem. Can you see a future without a few smart people around?

Embattled[v] Deputy President Mabuza maintains there are plenty of young folk coming through to handle South Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution.  What has happened to the 2nd and 3rd revolutions? All SA has mostly produced is a surfeit of arty-types being lawyers and personnel managers and they don’t build bridges or isolate TB remedies. There are precious few real graduates coming through. That Mabuza said ‘the government will develop a public-funded science, technology and innovation plan of action over the next 12-18 months’[vi] has to be 2019 vote-catch nonsense because not only – after 24 years - is the education system in disarray, SA has dreadfully few young folks[vii]  with the requisite smarts to become competent STEM practitioners[viii]. And it is doubtful the government even knows who they are, and of those who they know have the intellect, mostly they are the wrong colour to get jobs … in SA.

In the US top-drawer achievers like presenter Larry Elder[ix], researcher John H. McWhorter[x] and the academic elder Thomas Sowell are showing young folk like Coleman Hughes[xi] that the world needs the folks with the necessary intellectual capacity to move humanity forward while the rest play ‘economy’. Dr Sowell warns of the plague of isolation (thinking your group is great)[xii] and that is assuredly a black South African trait. Add the negative racial attitudes being fostered at the top and SA cannot hope to survive.

The government can simply issue certificates … first 10 applicants are doctors, 2nd 10 civil engineers and so on … to sort out the on-paper shortages but people won’t get healthy, farms will fail, unemployment and unrest will soar further and imports will go through the roof.
Worldwide only about 17% of whites potentially have the smarts to make use of the science, technology, engineering and maths fields competently and only maybe 2% of black Africans can contribute at that level at this stage. It is nobody’s fault[xiii] [xiv] BUT it is hugely serious though not for the reasons most people think.

The world is facing the life and death challenges of
·         Incredibly incompetent politicians running out-of-date systems
·         Climate Change. It’s here, making itself felt and
·         Technological advancement (AI) that will revolutionise every field known to people changing the way we live and die.

In SA it has been a good laugh but the days of playing the fool, dancing in the corridors outside a judge’s courtroom, believing a bank has inexhaustible money, considering government property to be one’s own by right, making mountains out of sand-castles is over – The era of the super-smart has arrived and they are needed.  In SA.

We should (and individually I know all South Africans do) wish that those less fortunate have our blessings but blessings don’t come through affirmative actions or the lowering of entry standards … advancement that takes the form of accepting the mediocre performances of others isn’t advancement – it is a bomb waiting to explode[xv].

In South Africa’s case, where 90% of the politicians and about 80% of the population can only function to a reasonable level of competency when under sound and loving supervision, a nationwide national army is the only way. The overwhelmingly black Middle Class must stand up and do their duty, be the sergeants[xvi].

[i] ‘How Long Will South Africa Survive?’ is the big Q Professor RW Thompson’s been asking for many years. I asked the same of the ANC in a 1985 essay and a Cape Town University lecturer drew a line through every page, refused to mark it, saying I was typically right-wing.
[ii] Sade Adebayo has interests in medical science, computer science, and journalism. She comments frequently on AR articles under the name “Cannot Tell” … https://www.amren.com/news/2015/10/i-am-black-and-a-race-realist/
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