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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A Minority We BETTER Care About - Smart Dudes

Our first super-star Prof: Brian Cox … picture by Kimmel Center

Mini-Post № 5 – Nation Building?

Our Earth today shudders as assorted humans brazenly bang at KA-BOOM buttons.

Climate Change (CC) has arrived[i].    
Financial system collapse will happen v-soon[ii].
Business has chosen profit maximisation over sustainability[iii] [iv].
Artificial intelligence (AI) delivers the useless class[v].  
An out-of-date electoral process[vi] crowns really-bad-for-you-and-me politicians[vii].

Our response has been to lionize sportsmen[viii], film stars, innumerable gods, my-gender-stories, protest pay gaps and banning speakers in the name of free speech and other nonsenses over and over. And we jump through the hoop for the estimated 1 billion disabled people[ix], the thousands who cry ‘refugee’ to skip fixing their own problems, countless abused pets and other majorities.

Yes  - we need play-time, and we are as compassionate as we are headstrong and vicious. For sure all items need attention but ...

What of those who can save us from ourselves and the politicians, nudge meteorites off-collision-course, talk money-sense and ensure AI works for us without working us?

I reckon the whole world has available to share only 15 million able men with 130 IQs and the necessary apprenticeships behind them.  

My rough work appears as a note[x] on my blog: http://www.douglasschorr.com/
Please check, and look over the Brainstats IQ-Inequality map - click to their article.

The calculation serves to illustrate how desperately short we are of these essential supermen and, had I been able to calculate, ladies.
They are the one true endangered minority.

Issue 5 … ‘politicians are in charge’ … is the primary reason we need to protect them above all.
Now it is said, it seems self-evident.

How about victory parades for folk earning doctorates? Media/TV features on recipients of masters’ degrees? And meet-your-hero gigs … complete with music & hot dogs? Promote real stuff on national cricket, rugga and soccer etc. jerseys – our professors of science and maths … dump the banksters?[xi]  

Although us-normals live in societies the super-smart created … e.g. let there be light to administer the vaccine and Skype (via satellite) the results … we still behave as if we are running about the savannah, letting emotion take charge[xii].  

Politicians are necessary (to bridge masses to governance) but not sufficient.
Their masters, the local elites, have failed to provide competent leadership and to protect the interests of us all[xiii].

To South African politicians - stop the brain-drain! You simply don’t have the reserves[xiv].
An overstaffed government/GLCs of incompetents wielding rubber-stamps is one thing.
Failing to acknowledge, sidelining, the folk – our thin line of educators - who can save the future guarantees disaster.
They are as abused and poorly used as South African towns are falling apart[xv].

Understanding all that …
Make core academics and professionals teaching or in research or in practice the stars we aspire to emulate.
Encourage children to take the path of knowledge.
Take on an informal unpaid self-study apprenticeship yourself.
Get to the universities and government/private research centres[xvi]; drag your local government person along too.
Beg the staff for easy-to-get-to public, regular, seminars on KA-BOOM buttons.
And question how to ingrain national integrity, morals and ethics … all dust-binned in SA[xvii].  

(Southern African governments cannot even protect Rhinos. How to give the 1000 + babies born on Xmas Day hope?)

National boundaries are irrelevant against the big-5. We’re ALL in it – be loud in asking the super-folk for help to understand WTF is going on.

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[i] Think of CC as the competitor who won the 100 m sprint. In winning the watching world has thrown pollution, environmental degradation, wars and all at it but it won and now, like an irritated dragon drawing fresh breath.
[ii] “The world’s debt pile is hovering near a record at $244 trillion, which is more than three times the size of the global economy, according to an analysis by the Institute of International Finance” … Tyler Durden
[iii] An interesting 10 min video presentation – I’ve watched but not followed up yet.
[iv] Inequality gap: World’s richest 26 people now wealthier than poorest 3.8 billion by George Tchetvertakov
[v] http://www.douglasschorr.com/2018/12/minimum-wage-for-robots.html
[vi] It worked when there were peasants, them and royals but while the peasants have moved up, they aren’t pleasant and royal means leech.
[vii] Perhaps not everywhere but in most of the important spots in the world.
[viii] 265 million active (presumed competent) footballers.
[ix] Headline at https://www.add.org.uk/why-disability/facts-about.../how-many-people-are-disabled
[x] 42% of the world population are below 25 … most haven’t yet fully engaged the frontal cortex.  9%, o/65, are actively practicing forgetting.
Therefore by my (hand & finger enhanced) calculation we have only 49% active (25-65).
But half of those are women. That’s great news
But … there is always an effing but … many of that half come from countries where they are chattels. Roughly 500,000 million are Muslims, and none of the top 6 mostly-Muslim nations are recorded as having IQ scores where the average is over 90 … an opportunity for the future.
At a guess only the women of Western Europe (140m see https://www.indexmundi.com/european_union/demographics_profile.html), Eastern Europe (90m see https://www.populationpyramid.net/eastern-europe/2016/), North America and southern South America with major advances coming from Asia (China-Japan-Korea) participate fully in world governance in any form – THAT’S BAD … They’re the gender that (most usually) understand the value of TLC, community and discipline.  And deductions have to be made for those who (wisely) work part-time or at home alone. The figure is so elusive I turned to check out the males.

Adult (physically) men contribute half of that adult pool of 49%.
But … in terms of saving the world … write-off 90% of African males (say 270m (I got my ratios here http://en.worldstat.info/Africa), a good chunk of the North and West of South America because they’ve not developed the smarts (see https://brainstats.com/average-iq-by-country.html) and most of the men of those of the major Muslim nations (for a list see https://www.thoughtco.com/worlds-muslim-population-2004480).
China has over 400 m adult males but urbanisation is at about 60% (https://indianexpress.com › World) so I’ve added in as participating only 250m.

49% = roughly 1.7 billion adult males. Make the deductions and the number of dudes with an IQ with a suggested average of about 100 amounts at a guess, no more than 700m.
About 2% of the 700 million have helpful IQ of 130 up … = 14 m.

[xi] http://www.douglasschorr.com/2018/06/banks-are-killing-us-but-they-dont-have.html
[xiii] Drawn from ‘Voltaire’s Bastards’ by John R Saul.
[xiv] https://businesstech.co.za/news/business/282029/major-immigration-law-changes-to-hit-south-africa-hard-expert/
[xv] Bloomberg headline mid-2018
[xvi] There is an amzing selection of free lectures/insights on the net. Get to theatres, open minds to reality.
[xvii] The latest tit-bit “Two ANC ministers facing fraud charges in US investigation” by Tom Head.