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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Listen, and learn first – good idea?

Or why a Minister of International Relations and Cooperation?

Mini-post 6 … National Health?

The image of two dapper-clad minister-supporters storming into a meeting with the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and the USA over the free issue of lollies being kept to “established diplomatic channels”[i] won’t go away.

A far-far bigger recognition issue is at stake: Logically …

Problems cannot be solved until the problem is identified.

In real life we rely on family and friends to point out our errors.
Hard as the words spoken or action taken often are it’s the love behind them that stops us sinking in the next pothole.  
Not so close folk, pseudo pals and the jealous will happily encourage us to climb on to the roof, and take the ladder away – just for a joke.

The amazing James (if-we-won’t-play-god-who-will) Watson[ii] wasn’t being a racist dick-head when he said Africa needed special attention[iii].
Few scientists learn the art of B/S.
Watson was speaking to the point with a stab of love-is. 
It was a love-token: science has identified a foundation problem – build on it.

11 years have passed: The understanding of problem fixing has improved dramatically.
Yet in the real world, South Africa still adopts policies in the financial domain, in health set-ups and on through to policing and most critical, education, and to international borrowing and aid requests, that take no recognition of the clear evidence that some 50% of Africans do need special developmental attention[iv].

Just perhaps SA needed that timely European nation reminder about tackling corruption?
Yes, there are “numerous investigations” but how much action actually?
Oh, there are a few evangelist/pastors heading for the dock but otherwise?

South Africa doesn’t need an army of political ministers and deputies[v].
It needs a vastly upgraded civil service with huge supporting commitments of personnel from successful overseas nations and all the smart people[vi] it can get to run SA as an army is …

An army … a real one … defines goals and paths to those goals and uses its sergeants and officers to instruct those who need guidance to ensure the best is done for all.
Does SA need to compete in the space race or to get life’s basics right?  

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